Double Burner Gas Stove (GO220)

Double Burner Gas Stove (GO220)

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A two burner gas stove is a small, lightweight, and portable cooker that makes it easy to cook anywhere with the same power and flexibility that you would have at home. This popular stove gas model is lightweight and extremely portable, making it ideal for taking away on camping trips and picnics, using in the backyard, or even taking to a friend’s house for added cooking capacity. Made from durable stainless steel, this double burner gas stove has been designed to offer maximum power to both burners at the same time, meaning your meals won’t suffer if you cook more than one at a time, and you can cook at different power levels.


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Double Gas Burner Stoves

Finding fresh ingredients, using artful recipes and shopping for the best kitchen appliances and accessories create amazing culinary experiences for all. But, when it comes to whipping up a delicious meal in moments no residential and commercial kitchen is without a double gas burner.

Luckily, having a small kitchen at hand doesn’t mean you have to compromise on great flavour. With Nationwide Electrical’s double burner gas stoves, you can enjoy the tasty benefits of enhanced cooking experiences without requiring a large kitchen space to do so.

Why Use a Two Burner Gas Stove

A two burner gas stove is one of the most popular electrical cooking appliances that you can find anywhere, no matter how small the kitchen. The lightweight, compact and portable cooker makes it easy for you to relocate anywhere, and cook on the go with the same power and flexibility that you would have at home.

As a result, the following cooking appliance is an ideal choice for taking away on camping trips and picnics, using in the backyard or even taking to a friend’s house for added cooking capacity.

Like a single burner gas stove, a gas stove with two burners is made from lightweight yet durable stainless steel. Therefore, it can withstand extreme heat temperatures, and rough handling with heavy woks pans allowing you to make a variety of delicious dishes.

The following burner gas stoves are built to provide maximum cooking power to both burners at the same time. Any meals you make won’t suffer if you cook more than one at a time, and you can cook at different power levels, whether you’re boiling water or simmering braised pork

Who Benefits from a Two Burner Gas Stove?

Cooking enthusiasts and professional artisans can reap the benefits of a two burner cooktop. Integrate one into your cooking space, and you can create stunning meals with little hassle.

The simple to the most complex meals can be crafted using a gas burner. You can stew on one and boil on the other, sear on one or simmer on the other – whatever power level you need, this gas burner stove has the capacity to cook meals to perfection.

The two burner gas stove is ideal for personal use, such as cooking at home when you need extra stovetop space, cooking in the backyard, or taking the burner to camping escapes. It can even be taken to ski fields during winter for quick and hearty hot meals in the parking area. Alternatively, the double gas burner stove can also be used by professional chefs for commercial use. This includes festival stalls, public events, catering events, and other professional capacities.

Shopping Features To Look Out For

Whether you prefer one or two burner tops, even the smallest of our portable gas burners include the most advanced features for practical cook experiences, including two high-powered wok burners, removable wok rings for easy cleaning and maintenance, and durable cast iron trivets.

When it comes to gas, fire and burning, our kitchen experts comprehend the difficulty of feeling safe in a confined space when the following are involved. With our natural gas stoves, you don’t have to worry about competing for space with our double burner gas stoves.

Our gas burners can instantly be brought to life with the simplicity of our easy-to-use ignition buttons, and equipped with flame failure devices for optimal safety. The following safety feature is designed to disconnect fuel supply to the burners as soon as your flame extinguishes, protecting property from accidental fire damage. A high-performing gas burner provides even heat distribution and a consistent flame. This means that you can set the exact temperature needed to whip up your cooking creation.

Meanwhile, a streamlined stainless steel design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning from food spillage.

Other key features of our gas stove with two burners include:

  • Temperature control
  • 12-month warranty as per Australian standard
  • State-of-the-art safety measures
  • Compact, easy to integrate style
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in usability features
  • Kitchen bench compatible
  • Customisable heat modes from “full-on” to “simmer”

3 reviews for Double Burner Gas Stove (GO220)

  1. Ahmed Laghari

    Excellent customer service and superb products. I love cooking soups and curries with their burners. There is a lot of power.

  2. S C

    The team at Nationwide Electrical were experienced and really helpful! I bought the double burner two months ago and have been using it for my everyday cooking. Can’t remember how I used to cook without it.

  3. Becky Lee

    this description is 100% spot on. Purchased this and the bench for my new outdoor kitchen – absolutely brilliant!

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