Infrared Ring Burners

Infrared grilling is one of the latest trends to hit the commercial and outdoor cooking market. Infrared grilling is one of the newest trends in outdoor cooking. At Nationwide Electrical, our traditional ceramic infrared ring burners make great options as outdoor gas ring burners if you’re planning to whip up a delicious stir fry on-the-go. With tiny flames that reach temperatures up to 1,200 degrees in 305 minutes, this ring burner makes use of ceramic plates in stainless steel housing on top of the burner to disperse heat for evenly cooked meals.


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Large Ring Burner with Honeycomb Ceramic Plate

Featuring the latest innovation in gas cooking technology, the honeycomb ceramic plate provides greater output with greater efficiency. This ring burner is large enough to fit pans up to 51cm in diameter.


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What is an infrared ring burner?

A more modern invention of the ring gas burner, infrared burners or infrared grills utilise infrared technology as the heat source. Conventional gas burners have flames that heat pots and pans directly. An infrared ring burner however features an infrared element between the flame and the cooking appliance. Gas heats the infrared element, which then radiates intense heat to the food. Ring burners which use infrared heat make great options for grilling different types of meat. Compared to convection grills which use hot air to cook food, infrared burners prevent hot air from drying out food, and retain more of its natural juices.

The difference between infrared ring burners & traditional ring gas burners

Compared to traditional gas burners like single burners or double burner gas stoves, infrared burners heat the food directly. Traditional gas burners heat the air that then heats the food. This means, infrared grills and burners cook more quickly and can distribute heat to woks, pans and other cooking appliances more evenly.

Pros/Advantages of infrared ring burners

Here are some of the reasons why you may opt for this grill yourself.

  • Heats up quickly compared to their traditional open-flame counterparts. (Usually 2-5 minutes)
  • Achieves an even heat distribution when cooking.
  • Does not dry food out when cooking. Infrared burners do not depend on hot air to heat your food, which as a result, mitigates permeating the moisture boundary of your food.
  • Less prone to flare ups. The intense heat of the infrared burner will vaporise sauce and drippings instantly, unlike traditional gas burners.
  • Infrared cooking appliances are more fuel efficient when reaching higher temperatures in comparison to open-flame burners. As a result, they use less energy.
  • Infrared burners feature a self-cleaning ability. Simply turn the heat up high for five minutes when you are finished cooking and the heat will vaporise any food residue.

How to buy the best infrared ring burner for your needs

If you’re after efficient wok cooking, fast grilling of different kinds of meat, better heat distribution without worrying about flare ups, and infrared ring burner is a lucrative investment. When choosing your ring gas burners, consider the following when you’re ready to purchase:

The number of burners you need:

  • Your required temperature range and control
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Portable vs Non-Portable
  • Additional accessories and add-ons

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