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Did you know that your refrigerator and ovens are the two of the top home appliances that use the most electricity? If you’re looking for more energy efficient electrical home appliances to whip up your next meal, or unable to use gas in your home, Nationwide Electrical has a range of small kitchen appliances that can give you the cooking benefits of a gas stove but the cost-savings of an electric cooking appliance.


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Double Burner with Flame Failure Device (GS620)

A small, lightweight and portable cooker that makes it easy to cook anywhere with the same power and flexibility that you would have at home. Ideal for cooking at home or taking on camping trips and picnics.


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Key Differences

Gas stoves are connected to a natural gas line or propane, while electric stoves work by plugging them into an electrical outlet that handles high energy demands. Generally, electrical cooking appliances are less expensive than their gas counterparts. Electrical home appliances for cooking, however, are more energy-efficient. Up to seventy-four percent of the energy produced from electrical appliances is transferred to food compared to the 40 percent from a gas range.

Temperature control between gas and electric kitchen appliances

Gas burners will deliver a more precise temperature and ignition control than their electric counterparts. This is due to how they respond to the sudden change in temperature settings. Gas stoves will respond instantly as the flames are distributed around the bottom of a wok or pan. Our commercial burner features easy-to-use knobs to the front, allowing cooking enthusiasts to change the size of the flame, giving you more precise control for specific stir-fry dishes.

Most electric stoves do not respond as quickly to sudden temperature adjustments. However, our 2000W portable induction cooker is designed to combat this cooking issue. Our product heats up and cools down with just a touch so that you can melt chocolate instantly!

Which is safer? Electrical or gas cooking appliances?

For Nationwide Electrical, safety is our top priority when it comes to our electrical home appliances. Our commercial double burners boast a flame failure device which stops the flow of gas if the flame has been extinguished. This safety feature prevents gas from leaking out of the burner and carbon monoxide building up inside your shed, kitchen or food truck. This makes our product safe to use indoors than other types of burners.

No need to be worried about burns from an overheated electrical stove top. Our portable induction burner boasts an over-heat or high temperature resistance protection feature. This ensures the heat pad remains cool to touch and safe for children, even when in use.

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