Commercial Wok Burner

Portable cooking equipment like wok burners, gas burners and other lightweight, electrical cooking appliances are a surefire way to whip up a delicious stir-fry on the go, anytime and anywhere. Wok burners in particular are versatile, ergonomic and a popular piece of cooking equipment for both residential, travel and commercial applications.


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Turbo Wok Burner

One of our most popular burners, this Turbo Burner will give you enough versatility to either sear your steak on extremely high heat or bring it down to a gentle simmer for your broth and soup.


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Cooking Bench for High Pressure Wok Burners

Designed specifically for your convenience and comfort when cooking with a high pressure wok burner, let this be your portable wok cooking station.


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Double Burner Gas Stove (GO220)

A small, lightweight and portable cooker that makes it easy to cook anywhere with the same power and flexibility that you would have at home. Ideal for cooking at home or taking on camping trips and picnics.


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5-Jet Wok Burner $285.00

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Compact Set: Turbo Wok Burner & Compact Bench $485.00

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Compact Bench for High Pressure Wok Burners

Compact space saver for cooking on the balcony, verandah or in your backyard. Designed for the ultimate convenience and comfort when cooking with a high pressure wok burner.


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8-Jet Wok Burner

Our largest burner, 37 cm wide and able to support cookware (woks, pans, pots) up to 60 cm in diameter. Perfect for catering events or food markets.


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8-Jet Cooking Set $650.00

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Turbo Burner Cooking Set $580.00

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Wok Burner Bench with Splashback

Furnish your backyard or outdoor kitchen with this stylish stainless steel and be envied by your friends and family. This sleek, matte stainless steel will complement all your other appliances and create a professional kitchen look. The wok burner bench is also a place to keep all your ingredients with you while you stir fry on your wok or even pack the bench up and take it with you on road trips and camping trips with friends and family together with your favourite high pressure wok burner. You would never have to worry about starting a fire or looking for a BBQ station again. This bench is ideal for professional food market stalls where you can forget about putting your burner on a trestle table and go for a professional look for your outdoor kitchen.


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The Nationwide Electrical wok burner range has been curated by founders from South East Asia, where the power and quality of gas burners were vital to ensuring the incredible flavours and textures found in authentic Asian foods. With a commercial wok burner from Nationwide Electrical, you too can bring out the best in your meals.

Our available models are easy-use and include units with one or two burners as well as portable wok stands for more efficient cooking. They are lightweight to take anywhere yet powerful enough to cook any meal. Adjustable and accessible knobs mean that you can cook with precision, quickly moving from low simmering heats to high searing temperatures. Once you’re done, it takes little more than a quick wipe down to clean. Each commercial and outdoor wok burner operates with a simple LPG gas bottle, making it easy to swap out and refill bottles in locations all over Australia so you can keep cooking your favourite meals even when you’re on the road.

What to Look For In a Great Outdoor & Commercial Wok Burner

Whether you’re cooking a quick meal during a camping trip or planning a banquet, wok burners are suitable for all manners of stir-frying and capable of cooking large quantities of food at a time.

Our burners heat heavy-duty carbon steel woks quickly, distributing an even spread of heat beneath the rounded bottom of the wok for more efficient cooking. You can heat your wok appliances until they are glowing orange-hot, or maintain low temperatures to simmer braised meat dishes.

The best burners are those that are powerful and easy to maintain. An adequate outdoor wok burner must be easy-to-use as stir frying involves a specific kind of cooking. Users must be able to access the gas valve as wok cooking requires frequently adjusting the flame underneath.

Even in appearance, a good outdoor and commercial wok burner should look and feel solid, stable and winstand heavy-duty use. This can include withstanding extreme temperatures to consistent banging from an iron steel wok filled with food can impart.

Wok burners should also feature gas valves that deliver controlled heat. This means you don’t have to worry about your kitchen catching fire whenever you’re prepping dinner.

Meanwhile, the cooking grate should be able to support the rounded bottom of the wok to better prevent spills.

The metal surfaces of the wok burner should also be easy to wipe down hard-to-clean ingredients, particularly sauces and oil spills.

They must offer a large enough workspace to cook a variety of meals and dishes, and you must be able to control the heat for precision cooking.

Our affordable range includes:

  • Low and high pressure burners
  • Portable country cookers
  • Stockpot burners
  • Wok burners

Commercial Wok Burners for Sale

Nationwide Electrical provides Australian home cooks and commercial chefs with some of the best commercial wok burner products in the country. We were founded with the belief that it’s only possible to create the best meals with the best-performing tools, and for that, you need wok burners that provide enough power with enough precision to cook exactly the way you want to.

Our founders grew up in South East Asia and fully comprehends what it takes to create phenomenal meals with woks and commercial wok burners. As a result, we introduced such a product to the Australian market to make this type of cooking more affordable and accessible to everyone, including the home environment. If you’re looking for a commercial wok burner and other cooking appliances and accessories for sale, opt for the company that believes in using high-quality products, treating customers with integrity and honesty, and making incredible authentic meals where you can truly taste the difference.

Shop our full range of cooking equipment today.

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