The 2-burner gas stove is a reliable, efficient and versatile tool ideal for use at home. It is a favourite among professional kitchens, pop-up events and outdoor food festivals and stalls. These places all have one thing in common and that is to cook high quality meals with minimal wait time, which means needing to have an energy efficient burner at hand. It is also vitally important to have multiple gas burners going at once so that you can stew, stir fry, braise, smoke, deep fry all at the same time over maximum heat or low heat.

Needs to be wide and efficient enough

To get the best cooking experience, you will need a gas burner with pan support wide enough for two wide pans to fit on at the same time so you won’t have to keep switching. Four burner gas stoves unfortunately have this issue. On four burner gas stoves, you will find that sometimes you have to rearrange your pots and pans so that you can cook with a wider pan. This, unfortunately, ruins your cooking experience as it means you won’t be able to use four at the same time. Two burner gas stoves are designed to fix this problem – why pay for extra burners that you won’t be able to use?

When searching for gas cookers with two burners, make sure you find one that’s energy efficient and easy to use. One of the most defining features for a burner that’s easy to use is the auto ignition. This feature makes it so much easier for you to cook wherever you wish. Whether at home, in your backyard, while out on a picnic at a park, out in the bush, on a camping trip, or even in the car park on family ski trips. If a gas burner doesn’t have an automatic ignition, you will have to fumble around for an electric starter, turn on the gas on the burner, and point the starter at the gas and hope that it doesn’t burn your hand. Our burners don’t have this problem as they all come with auto ignition.

Make sure the material is quality

Other features to look out for when searching for a burner include the material that the body is made with, the material of the burner itself (where the flame comes out of), making sure that it has a control knob for you to adjust the level of the flame, that its easy to clean and provides all the support that you need to cook.

Outdoor gas burners are most commonly made from stainless steel as it is resistant to rust and corrosion, if taken care of properly. A stainless-steel body is also easy to clean with just a simple wipe down with a wet cloth or tissue. Add in a bit of soap and all the grime and oil spots will just wipe away, making it perfect to store away without having to worry about dirtying everything else. The sleek, shiny appearance of the stainless-steel body also complements to your outdoor kitchen adding another bit of convenience to your lives. But do be aware of the cheaper models in the markets that use cheap alternative materials that will corrode and rust in a few months.

Another equally important feature to look out for is the material of the burner itself (where the flame comes out of). Our single and two burner gas stoves use a brass burner cap paired with a cast iron burner for best efficiency and heat resistance. Food stallholders, professional kitchens and pop-up events all cook for hours on end so it is important that the burner holds up as well. Brass is significantly more durable than its cheaper alternative, aluminium. Although it may take longer to heat up, brass burners will retain heat much more efficiently and release it more evenly than aluminium. Our 2-burner and single burner gas stoves use brass burner caps because it is more resistant to grime and stains than other metals.

Most of our stainless-steel burners feature a 250mm trivet which will almost every commonly used wok, pot or pan. It is the ideal size that isn’t too big to cause trouble when moving around or too small to cook on.

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