What is a Wok Burner used for?

A Wok Burner isn’t a tool that will suit everyone. But for someone who knows how to use it or is interested in learning how to use one, it is an appliance that can greatly enhance the taste, texture and look of your food.

A Wok Burner is a high pressure cooking tool mainly designed for woks but can be used with many different methods of cooking as they produce an output upwards of 65 MJ/hr (61,000 BTU). They run off LPG gas bottles so can be moved around and taken on camping trips and can sometimes even be used as a substitute for a BBQ.

A Wok Burner is designed to produce a massive amount of heat in a short period so that the wok or cookware can be heated up really quickly allowing the cook to use methods which they normally wouldn’t be able to on an indoor stove – for example searing steak, stir frying, deep frying, steaming and smoking.

It will take some time to learn how to cook with a high flame or a high pressure burner but once you get used to it, it is quite hard to go back to a regular indoor stove. There are a few reasons for this:

A Wok Burner will have enough heat for you to sizzle your food

If you have ever wanted to sizzle your food as soon as you throw it into the wok, then a Wok Burner is a must have. The high heat gives you the ability to heat up the wok to a point where you can instantly sear or sauté your meat and vegetables.

The high pressure gives you that extra boost which you will not be able to get on any indoor stove. This gives a bit of versatility so that you can practice more skills without worrying about whether there is enough heat.

PRACTICAL TIP: To test whether your pan or wok is hot enough, you can do the “Water Test” – throw a spoonful of water onto the pan or wok and if it is hot enough, the water droplets should bounce around a little bit before sizzling off quickly.

You will be able to cook with round bottom woks

One of the most popular advantages of using a rounded wok is that the curved shape allows a tiny amount of oil to sit at the bottom, which is perfect for healthily searing or sautéing meat and vegetables.

Also, even though a round wok has a lot more even heat distribution than traditional pots and pans, there is still a concentration of heat at the very bottom. This lets the cook heat ingredients up at the bottom, cook it, then move it up the sides of the wok to cook at softer and lower temperatures.

You will then be able to throw in more ingredients to cook at the bottom before combining all ingredients.

There are different types of Wok Burners so you need to be sure you get one that’s suitable for your purposes. For example, if you needed to cook for a large amount of people, then a bigger one that can hold a larger wok or pot may be ideal (maybe something like the size of our WN8A3).

Usually cooking with a Wok Burner may take some time to get used to but once you’ve gotten used to it, you may never be able to go back to a slower stove.

Asian foods made easy

A wok and a double gas stove will undoubtedly make your stir-fry and Asian foods a lot tastier and with more texture and flavour. When used correctly, the wok will add a smoky flavour to the dish that you would not be able to get anywhere else.

Besides that, a Wok Burner will also give enough heat to boil big pots of soups or curries when catering, but also have the ability to simmer on very low heat if needed.

Cleaner indoor kitchens

When you set up an outdoor kitchen, you’ll realise the amount of mess you can save from your indoor kitchen when cooking. All the oil splatters, grime, smells and food bits can all be left outside. Consider getting a stand for the Wok Burner so that you have an outdoor cooking area ready to go for when you want to cook.

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