About Us

Our History

Nationwide Electrical Wholesale is a distributor of electrical kitchen appliances and portable gas burners and stoves in Australia. We started as a tiny market stall in Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets back in the 1980’s when everything was super cheap, the dollar was worth a lot more and businesses were treating customers with integrity, honesty and top notch customer service. Unfortunately, as the years progressed competition has increased in almost every industry forcing customer service standards to drop. Now every second retailer is focused on pushing customers to buy, even sometimes buying products they don’t even need.


We show these values through being completely open and honest about our products and we make sure that our products will actually satisfy a need for the customer, rather than pushing the sale just for the sake of a sale.

Our Mission

We are a distributor and supplier of gas burners, cookers and stoves. We sell to customers, retailers and other distributors around Australia. We support local Australian businesses by offering trade pricing and discounts to encourage more prosperity for all our customers. Our philosophy is that the more customers appreciate and understand our products, the more retailers and wholesalers will sell and the better we do – it is truly a win-win situation! And we do all this without all the pushy sales talk that everyone is sick of.

We keep prices low by keeping our running costs low. We run on minimal staff and deal with only the most reliable suppliers so that we can pass on savings to our customers and not have to waste costs on double handling.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact one of our friendly staff via the Contact Us page or via phone on (+612) 9756 0388. We will do all we can to assist you in establishing a new product line.

Our Products

We started off as a supplier of both electrical and gas home appliances ranging from portable air conditioners, range hoods, heaters and induction cookers to portable LPG burners and gas stoves. Our focus is to improve everyday living at home and to make a comfortable life at home accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our founders were from South East Asia and had grown up with wok cooking – at home, when eating out at restaurants and even during street festivals. We quickly realised that there were no gas burners or stoves available in Australia that had enough power to cook for a large amount of people quickly or that had enough power to sear steak and stir fry vegetables to perfection. Because of this, there was no way our founders could replicate the exotic flavours they had back in Asia.

So we focused on becoming a renowned Australian supplier of quality LPG high pressure burners and regular gas stoves so that every person here can enjoy creating and eating meals and dishes with exotic flavours and colours while maintaining all essential nutrients.

High Quality Guarantee

We ensure our products are of the best quality by ensuring that we keep a close eye on our suppliers to make sure that our burners adhere to strict quality controls from the moment they are assembled through to the moment they arrive at our doors. We source our products from reputable manufacturers whom we have had long and positive relationships with.

When the products arrive at our warehouse, we conduct strict tests on each and every unit before shipping out to our customers. This ensures that our quality is maintained throughout the whole process and that our customers receive only the best products.

The quality has been so kept so consistent that we have had customers returning after using our gas burners for more than 10 years and coming back to buy another one for a family member or friend! Trust us when we say there is no better feeling than having a customer buy a product that we know will last them a very long time.

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